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Fatigue, not speed, is the leading cause of car crashes proven by Mercedes Benz and backed by The American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

We need to urgently target the root causes of the road toll, being fatigue, alcohol, not wearing seatbelts and overloading of vehicles.

The average Territorian covers more kilometres per annum than any other road user in Australia which is not surprising given the NT is the third largest state/territory yet has the smallest population.  Speed restrictions just keep Territorians driving into the night when they are most likely to succumb to micro sleeps or collide with animals.

It takes twice as long now to pass road trains.  Often there are 20 cars banked up at a time it’s just so dangerous. Now there are moves to enforce a 100kmh limit, further compounding the problem.

The NT Road Safety Taskforce Report 2006 contained no evidence that driving at more than 110kmh or 130kmh has been the cause of any accidents on Territory highways

in fact on page 8 of the report it even admits that no such evidence exists. Also the Territory has the lowest speed related fatalities in Australia.

November 2004 ALP Transport Minister Chris Burns said, “Speed is not a dominant factor in the Territory’s road toll. Rather, it is a combination of alcohol and a failure to wear passenger restraints that is the root cause of most fatalities on Territory roads.  Even ALP Chief Minister Clare Martin was seen to support open-speed highways as late at 6/10/04.”

It is so easy now to lose your licence and perhaps your job.  Federal law allows a 10% variance in your speed odometer yet in Vic you can get huge fines for just being 2kmph over the limit.  Our unique lifestyle is under serious attack with a law having no evidentiary base, whilst the root causes are left unaddressed.

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In Australia we were fortunate to have our democracy handed to us without the necessity to fight for it.  Sadly the Labor Party in the NT have continually undermined our basic freedoms and continue to tax us in every way they can.  For example, already the Paul Henderson/Martin Administration has introduced 200 new laws in the Northern Territory!

The motorist has long been a massive cash cow for governments.  Continually we are brain washed to believe that the introduction of restrictive laws are for our own good when in fact they are just another TAX.  There is a huge body of evidence that clearly proves this. I encourage you to read some of the articles under the articles tab.  You will be appalled. are a group of everyday people who have genuine concerns about the rushed introduction of speed limits on previously unlimited open roads in the Northern Territory.

Disobey the law and get big fines and possible jail terms. So how can you justify a law based upon NO evidence, where there was clearly not a problem, now create one and tax us as well?  Then lie to us about it, this alone should be of great concern to anyone.

FACT, NT had the lowest rate of speed related fatalities of only 17% compared to 40% in NSW, 34% WA, 30% Vic, 26% Tas, 20%SA, 20% Qld facts based on Australian Safety Bureau Road Safety Research Library Statistics

We must act collectively NOW otherwise we will go down the path of the rest of Australia and get screwed.  Please don,t let this happen and even if you think this does not affect you directly, we urge you to please consider the following;

Increased  fatigue, the necessity to drive into the night and the increase chance of hitting animals, passing road trains.  Click here for the facts.

NO EVIDENCE that driving above a certain speed, whether 110 or 130 km/ph, was THE CAUSE of ANY of the deaths which have ever occurred on NT open roads. Click here for the truth.

2004 Northern Territory accidents dropped by 34% but in Victoria, where camera and traditional speed enforcement were heaviest, accidents increased in the same year.

The Labor Party in the NT have lied to us as the real problem is on dirt roads and not on the sealed open road, alcohol, overloading, no seat belts  Click here shocking truth.

The NT Road Safety Taskforce Report 2006 is seriously flawed, full of errors and bias and should not be used by the government.  Click here it’s a just a cover up.

Government’s relentless statistical fraud should be of immediate concern for anyone.  Click here it’s scary.

No consultation with the public despite survey proving that 92% of Territorians want no limit on the open road.  Click here.

Police taken away from priority areas to police large expanses of open roads.  Click here police used as TAX collectors!

Waste of extra police funding.  Click for the sad truth.

Federal law allows manufactures to have a 10% variance in speed odometers.  Public fined it’s not fair! Click here get fined thinking you are obeying the law!

People fined so far.  Click here it’s a disgrace.

Safety testing of vehicles is lost despite never any accidents.  Click here loss of $9million for the NT!

Increased costs will be passed on to the public.  Click here everyone loses.

Business hit hard & regional areas penalised as bike sales down, loss of tourism, loss of face to face contact with some suppliers.  Click here the impact.

Public sceptical of future road safety initiatives.  Click here.

The road speed limits nationally need to be reviewed as 100 or 110 is simply not relevant in this age of technology and motor vehicle design.  Click here for common sense.

What’s next to go?  Our unique Territorian lifestyle is under serious attack.  Click here for more Southern Restrictive laws to come!

Insurance companys way out of paying motor vehicle claims. Insurance giants pressures safety councils who threaten the government. Click here the conspiracy.

The Government has a no vote of confidence from the AMA & $13.7 million of federal funding not used since 2004.  They don’t know what they are doing.  Click here for what the doctors & Feds say. is not aligned with any political party and we will support any candidate or political party that will support our cause in repealing this non evidenced based law.  Click here to find out more about us.

CLP agrees to repeal law.  “The restoration of the open road speed limit will be one of the first acts of a CLP Government,” says Terry Mills Leader of the Opposition  Click here for CLP letter of commitment to us.

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